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Note : a qualified lead that becomes an ” opportunity ” means that they are requesting your proposal to do do business with you .

The B-to-B Buyer in the Internet Era

The business audience is moving rapidly to the Web. A survey byWashingtonPost.com found that 77% of business decision-makers use the Web to find out about companies and new products and services that will help them solve their issues.

A study by Outsell Inc discovered that business end-users – buyers, decision-makers and specifiers – spend anywhere from 5 to 20+ hours a week searching for information; 79% of them rely on the Internet to fulfill their information needs.

And according to an ISM/Forrester survey 86% of respondents use the Internet to “shop around” for suppliers. (That term – “shop around” – illustrates what little control suppliers / service provider have in the buying cycle.)

Even more disconcerting is the fact that the Web lets users remain completely anonymous. When asked “Why do you go to a supplier’s Website?” the most common response among industrial B2B professionals was “To obtain information without talking to a sales rep.”

90% of buyers today visit the Web and eliminate potential suppliers before they even think about dialing the phone.

In other words, you’re quite possibly being considered and rejected without any idea it’s happening.

The up shot here is obvious: the Web is the preferred destination for PROSPECTS seeking information about a supplier’s products & services . And the Web is where you, as as supplier / service provider, need to focus your marketing along with strong useful web site content .

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