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YouTube Video Ads and Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is turning out to be overwhelming for marketers to handle. But if you use video, it can be a great help for you.  Video marketing continues to dominate the digital marketing arena as well as inbound marketing for the last few years. YouTube’s video advertising platform is one of the most exciting and can be considered as one of the most high-profile inbound marketing strategies for leads generation these days.

YouTube Video Ads!     

YouTube video ads are the fastest and easiest way of getting qualified traffic that has a greater chance of converting leads into customers.  Of course, YouTube video Ads are perhaps the cheapest and effective form of paid advertising available these days. Do you feel other means of paid advertising   Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are substandard?  No, it’s certainly not an in fact they’re good in their own ways, but they are costly and are more competitive. The YouTube video ads are one of the most effective ways of inbound marketing strategies and have the caliber to bring the same results at a much lower cost and with fewer competitors.

How is YouTube Video advertising different from Facebook?

The study reveals that YouTube Video Ads cost 3times less than Facebook Ads. It may vary but it’s true that YouTube Ads are cheaper than FB Ads with lesser competition.  On Facebook, the users generally waste time going around the posts to know what other people are doing.  When it comes to YouTube, the viewer’s intent is relatively high and specific and they’re on the lookout for something particular. These video ads will appear on those specific things that the user wants to see.

YouTube is not the social media platform where the users will go on watching videos, chatting, commenting, or doing video-calling or they revolve around different social media accounts or wasting their time doing silly things.  Instead, YouTube is the place where the users type a specific keyword and look for the desired information. YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in terms of user-base next to Google, having 1 billion users. The advertisers spend millions on TV ads to make people aware of their product and the service. The aim is that once people get to know about the product, they will surely use them. The same thing is true for YouTube video ads, but they are cheaper.

Use of Video for Inbound Marketing

Contrary to outbound marketing, inbound marketing can be done through the use of blogs, webinars, and videos for promoting your website in an organic way. If some visitors are drawn to your site by that, that doesn’t mean they are for some obtrusive paid advertisements. They are there because they need your service. In that circumstance, you can engage with them by some attractive video content and they happen to be one of the most vital inbound marketing strategies for leads generation.

When you use the video on your site, it will increase the visibility of your website on Google. But the standard of the content will be the deciding factor. We can embed the video content on your site using embed codes and Schema Markup and it will draw the audience to your site.   Next, it’s our job to optimize the video content as and when required.






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