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  • You Make a Stronger First Impression on new prospects

Whether they are coming to you through search engines, referrals, or even internet ads, new potential customers make snap decisions about the credibility of your business and the value of your products or services. If what they see on your website impresses them right away, they are more likely to work with you and pay higher prices. Given that these first impressions can shape their thoughts in an instant, a great web design will have a huge impact on new sales.


  • It is Easier for Local Buyers to Find Your services

One thing any great business web design team is going to pay attention to is local search engine optimization. That just means your business will be easier to find when customers in your area turn to Google or Bing. Whether you realize it or not, these search engines give you a big home-field advantage when matching you with buyers who are in your city or neighborhood. Local buyers tend to make bigger and more frequent purchases and to stick with vendors for longer. So, those are exactly the kinds of customers your website should attract.



  • Get More Customers Find Your Business Online

The easiest way to increase sales from a business website is by being found by more potential customers. A site that is optimized for visibility on Google and the other search engines can attract dozens, or even hundreds, of buyers to your website each month. Some percentage of those will turn into customers, giving you a reliable and affordable stream of new revenue that would not have been possible without a targeted search engine optimization and inbound marketing campaigns.


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Find a CTA that will work

Having a CTA is essential, but you also have to ensure it produces the right results. Having an eye-catching button that uses active language and tells users what you want them to do can greatly improve the performance of each ad. Some examples of good CTA text include:

  • Download Now
  • View our case study
  • Get Your eBook/Report/Resource
  • Visit Our Website
  • View eBook/Report/Resource Now
  • Learn More
  • Book a Demo
  • FREE consultation
  • Sign up for the Webinar on

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